During 1993 we released the following three 7" singles on our label imperial recordings:


A - What You Don't Know
B - I'm Falling Down

A trio from Richmond Virginia playing classic power pop with a b-side that brought to mind early Aztec Camera. This single was released on their own label in the US & on Elefant records of Spain. Our copies came on gold vinyl & complete with poor label stickers.

ria102 - ERIK VOEKS

A - Throw Me Out A Line
B - When Will It All End?

A UK release for a single that originally appeared on the Bus Stop label in the US. Since then Erik released another Bus Stop 7", an album "Sandbox", a single on Parasol last Xmas with a new album to follow. Our copies came with free Erik Voeks balloons.

ria103 - Western Mere

A - The Street That I Am On
B- Where's Andrew Never Before

Western Mere were in fact one person, zoe, ex-member of Derby band Peru. Produced by Jyoti from White Town it features 3 lovely songs of just voice & guitar. Reviewed in Melody Maker as a being a Brighter wannabe, we knew then it was time to give up! Initial quantities of the single came with a free key-ring.

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