red roses for me


(from Hate Songs)

Basically this is all soul music to me. MY definition having nothing to do with the Luther's & Bobby Browns of this world which should all be dumped under the heading of "Footballers with bad haircuts soul music" When you hear a singer or band with songs that sound like they were plucked from them, that they had to write & sold themselves to the devil to do so, that's soul music, & that's where Drugstore come in.

I'm sure you've heard this story before: female Brazilian bass player moves to London, meets American drummer, starts singing, work their way through several guitarists & hey presto! It's the voice that grabs you first, a deep bluesy growl which you could almost mistake for a man but belongs to one Isabel Monteiro. Kinda Mazzy Star, kinda Tindersticks & something very special. Music with a smoky haze attached to go with the umpteenth cup of coffee

My Life Sory

(from Hate Songs)

A huge silver hanging glitter ball, the dancehall from "Billy Liar" filled to the rafters, this is where I want to see My Life Story. To be swept away like Judy Garland by the tide of violins & cellos topped off with the almost perfect majesty of Jake Shillingford's voice. This is the name for a star not Wez, Bez or Spaz. Almost Marc Almondesque at his most flamboyant this is no bad thing as you can't have too many dramatic gestures in your life. Imagine spinning round in circles until you get really dizzy, throwing handfuls of glitter up in the air & watching it fall down around you, that's My Life Story.

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