red roses for me


(From Red Roses 6)

It's a sweltering May day, the sun hasn't stopped shining for a week or so, a hose pipe ban must be imminent, hay fever has reared it's red eyed head & you think you've got a cold. You knew wearing those shorts was a mistake for all concerned. Your feelings for someone have grown so intense you feel you're gonna burst but you can't tell her as frankly she has enough problems at the moment. You're starting to feel like the theme for an Another Sunny Day song!

The perfect solution is now at hand, it's called "Understand" it's by Brian and features eight perfectly formed pop gems bought to you by those bastions of good taste at Setanta. Recorded for a staggeringly small amount of money in a living room, Brian isn't in fact a band but one person. This gives my poor comparison of an overall feeling that this would sit somewhere between the pop sensibilities of early Lightning Seeds & the already mentioned before but hell lets be reckless Another Sunny Day some credence at least.

The songs get off to a fine start with the title track itself, a basic drum machine beat interwoven with chiming guitar producing a perfect simple melody & a mournful whisper in the ear vocal. This makes the don't worry I've been through it before chorus of "I Understand" actually ring true. Two of the other highlights have to be "Don't Leave Me Behind" where a three note three note keyboard intro runs throughout the song, combining with the softly spoken vocals to give the song an air of vulnerability. This contrasts with the angry bursts of guitar making at times the title turn from a plea into a warning. This neatly flows into "You Don't Want A Boyfriend" a tear stained letter to THAT person asking that age old question "why are you going out with him when he treats you so badly, while I worship the ground you walk on?" As the song sums itself up "I've heard it said before & I find it's true, the more you give yourself away to someone the less they think of you"

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